ESOS Opportunity knocks?

Tinderbox Outsourced energy Management ManchesterThis month marks one year until government’s latest mandatory energy scheme comes into force. By 5th December 2015, the new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) will require qualifying businesses* to complete an audit of energy use in buildings, operational processes and company transport.

Here at TinderBox, we’re finding that many businesses (there’s about 7,000 in the UK that will be affected) are approaching ESOS as compliance burden, but they could be using it as a chance to kick-start a programme of energy efficiency across their operations. After all, even government forecasts warn that UK commercial electricity prices will rise by 50% within the next ten years.

At it’s heart, ESOS is about measuring your annual business energy use. Sure, you’ll need to get someone qualified to measure it and report their findings to government (someone like TinderBox), but you can easily cover the costs of compliance – and much more besides – if you act on the recommendations set-out in your energy audit.

Remember, in business, what gets measured gets managed, and energy is no different. Your energy audit will have some golden opportunities to increase your profits and reduce your overheads. Some of the recommendations will be free to implement, others will require investment which will payback in a few months or years. Either way, you’ll be a leaner, meaner business.

*all businesses with more than 250 full-time staff, or with balance sheet assets of more than €43m and an annual turnover of more than €50m.

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